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Frequently Asked Question

Age Restrictions

Dress Code

Hours of Operation

Large Group Reservation

This Weekend we'll be 21+ Only.

Our Dresscode is upscale casual. Which entails: no sweat pants, no shower/beach sandals, no running shoes, no overly baggy or overly ripped clothing. 

- THURSDAYS 10:00pm-02:00am

- FRIDAYS 08:00pm-02:00am

- SATURDAYS 08:00pm-02:00am

- For table bookings of groups of 15 people or more, please call Karla at


Rent Our Venue!

Our Venue is available for bookings Sunday - Wednesday. We are available for groups of up to 500. From corporate events to special occasions, including catering and entertainment, we have everything you need to make your next gathering memorable!

Email us for more information @

Lost Items

If you have lost something at our venue please fill the form below. make sure to include a clear description of what you are looking for. Please allow up to 48hrs. for us to look for your lost items. 

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